Our mission is to help business owners, leaders, and organizations create an environment where the promotion of employee development and wellbeing is recognized as critical to overall success in the 21st century.

Christopher Griffin, M.A. CWC (Certified Wellness Coach) CWWS, (Certified Workplace Wellness Specialist), M.A. in Industrial - Organizational Psychology, Certified Diabetes Educator (CDC).

Employers in today's economy understand that employee well being is more important to the success of their organizations than ever before.

They no longer see the physical wellness of workers simply as a tool to manage healthcare costs. Instead, employee well-being is recognized as integral and critical to organizational missions, goals, and values.

Creating a culture focused on employee well-being requires a fundamental shift in how we measure the worth of employees. Workplace well-being programs embrace a more holistic approach to employee health and satisfaction.

Our services include programs in

• Mindfulness

• Social and Emotional Learning

• Emotional Intelligence

• Stress Management

• Resilience Training

• Interpersonal Communications

• Leadership Development

• Executive Coaching

Griffin Management Services can help you create the engaged and productive culture you need in order to succeed.

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